Pediatrics Nanomedicine

Pediatrics is the different branch of medicine in which we study about the medical care of infants Children, adolescents. The smaller body of an infant or neonatal is physiologically different than the adult.  Infant body is more sensitive than an adult, after the time of birth child has a chance to get disease or ill because the environment work as an antigen for him/her. Compare with an adult body, the infant body have highest counting of leukocytes. Jaundice is common disease which harm to new born first. Breast milk is one and only best food for the baby in the first six month of the good life. Cow’s and goat’s milk should not give to a baby younger than one year because these milks have high protein and salt, which hard to digest. Cow’s milk especially low in folic acid and vitamin B12 and those two nutrients are help to prevent baby from the anemia and iron deficiency.

  • Treatment pediatrics nanomedicine
  • Treatment of ventilator associated pneumonia
  • Treatment of sickle cell disease
  • Treatment of cystic fibrosis

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