Nanomedicine and Cancer

Cancer is a type of disease which has abnormal growth of cells and has the capacity to invade or spread the cancer cell into other parts of body and form a subset of neoplasm. Neoplasm is malignant tumor have the group of cell that have unregulated growth and form mass of lumps not able to spread into the other parts of body. Caner suffered person have very signs and symptoms like abnormal weight loss, prolonged cough, lumps, unexplained bleeding. Local symptoms of cancer may show ulceration at particular site. Cancer starts to block the particular area and slightly fails the working of that area. Many types of cancer will occur in the human body, e.g.; Lung cancer, Breast cancer, Prostate cancer, leukemia, etc.

  • Cancer diagnostic stages
  • Cancer screening tests
  • Cancer therapy
  • Types of cancer therapy

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