Nanotechnology in tissue engineering

Tissue engineering is a rapidly growing scientific area, which is used to repair, create, and/or replace cells, organs and tissues by using cell and/or combinations of cells along with biomaterials and/or biologically active molecules to produce body's native tissue/tissues. From tissue engineering current therapies got revolutionized and life quality of several millions patient got improved. In the tissue engineering the cells are seen closely and seeded on bio mimicked scaffold providing adhesive surfaces, then cells deposit their own protein to make them more biocompatible, but the growth was not properly, due to absence of functional cells, low strength of engineered cells, not immunologically compatible with host and Nutrient limitation are a classical issue in the field of tissue and tissue engineering.

  • Regenerative medicine
  • Carbon nanotubes for cardiac tissue engineering
  • Use of nanostructures in tissue engineering
  • Carbon nanotubes for bone in tissue engineering

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