Green nanotechnology

Although various nanoparticles are being gradually developed in various sectors of the economy, there is increasing attention in the environmental and biological safety linked to their preparation. Green nanotechnology is to change the biological systems to green approaches to nanomaterial production, while preventing any related toxicity. Due to the large number of toxic chemicals and extreme environments employed in the physicochemical production of these nanoparticles, green methods employ the use of biological sources. Through mixing the ideologies of green chemistry and engineering, green nanotechnology can yield harmless and eco-friendly metal nanoparticles that do not use lethal chemicals in their production. This is a comprehensive study of the types of phytochemicals used in the production of nanoparticles with proteins, polysaccharides vitamins, glycosides essential oils, and phenolic-based chemicals. It also offers the preparation approaches used for different biological sources. Generally, the key role of natural plant biomolecules is tangled with the bio reduction of metal salts during nanoparticle production.

  • Green chemistry
  • Green engineering
  • Environmentally friendly batteries
  • Clean technology
  • Environmental microbiology

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